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Control online navigation can be a way to enhance the security of Exam Browser


As educational institutions increasingly turn to online proctoring for exams, test takers are finding more ways to cheat. To combat this, it’s important to use a secured browser during online exams.

From asking a senior to sit by their side to planning to give the exam together with such a methodology so that the proctor cannot detect the same to opening a new browser or window for searching answers on the internet or taking screenshots of the questions or answers or might even attempting to record the exam- examinees have adopted various ways to manipulate the entire system.

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How Can Exam Browser Be Secured By Controlling Online Navigation

Today’s article Explaining How can Exam Browser be Secured by Controlling Online Navigation.

With the changing times, students feel comfortable giving online exams since they commonly perceive that cheating in an online exam is much easier than in a traditional exam.

In light of this background, it is significant for educational institutions to secure their exam browser by controlling online navigation by using advanced proctoring technologies. That’s because these activities hamper the integrity of exams as the browser is the only way to assess students.

However, online exam proctoring software is capable of ensuring that online exams are cheating-free. Still, another challenge that lies ahead of them is how they can remotely monitor the test taker’s activity on the screen.

Today’s article deals with educational institutions, corporates, and recruiters’ methods to secure browsers by controlling online navigation.

We’ll deal with this by first listing the types of onscreen cheating that test-takers can resort to and, after that, we’ll discuss how exam browsers can be secured by controlling online navigation.

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Methods Of Onscreen Cheating Resorted To By Test Takers

(i) Copy Pasting Responses

Students are aware that they do not have access to online sites to prevent pasting answers while giving an online exam. However, to deceive the proctor, students already store the answers in their notes, word documents. When they give an exam, they pretend as if their eyes are glued to the screen, and in the meanwhile, copy-paste the answers without giving the proctor a hint about the same. This

(ii) Using Multiple Softwares Or Screen Sharing Apps

Another method test-takers can cheat during the exam is by using external devices such as USB and Micro SD either before or during the test which is easy to conceal for getting help.

(iii) Configuring Devices With Bluetooth And Other Machines

Tech-savvy students these days resort to methods such as configuring machines with the device on which they would take the exam or integrating them with Bluetooth-integrated devices such as smartwatches. They use these methods to exploit the vulnerabilities despite several measures adopted by educational institutes to ensure the integrity of exams.

Since now you know some of the tricks that students or test takers can resort to while giving an exam online which is proctored by an artificial intelligence-enabled proctor and a human proctor, it is imperative for all the institutions assessing online to secure their exam browser by controlling online navigation.

To curb this, the need of the hour is to adopt an airtight solution that restricts students’ navigation while they take exams online. That’s possible with the Pesofts Safe Exam Browser, which institutes can install with their online exam software.

What is a Safe Exam Browser (SEB)?

A browser eliminates the ability of test-takers to cheat by creating a secure environment. A safe exam browser prohibits test takers from opening any extra window other than the one they are giving their exam. Easily integrable with any device, Safe Exam Browser converts the entire device into a safe workstation.

That’s because it prevents students from communicating with experts or outsiders in any form while taking the test, thereby preserving the integrity of high-stakes entrance exams.

It runs on any device and is connected to the internet to a learning management system or an online exam software. It works easily with any Learning management system which is web-based or even on other kinds of exams that are web-based.

Features Of Pesofts Safe Exam Browser

An online remote proctoring software is only capable of monitoring students’ activities while taking the exam. Still, it cannot detect any unfair methods test-takers might resort to during or before the exam. That’s when Pesofts secure exam browser can step in with its following features:

(a) Prohibits Test Takers From Accessing Any Other Screen

Pesoft’s safe exam browser prohibits test takers from moving out of the window they give their exam until and unless they do not submit their test. In case they try to access any other screen, their text gets canceled automatically. When students allow the proctor to access their screen and audio, the safe exam browser shuts down all the active applications running in the device’s background.

(b) Prevents Test Takers From Configuring Their Devices Before Or During the Exam

Before or during the exam, if the test takers sync their device with any external device before or during the exam, a safe exam browser immediately terminates their online exam since it considers this act of students illegal. Before starting the test, Pesofts secure exam browser disables the external ports on the device to prevent test-takers from deceiving the remote online proctoring examination software.

Not only this, but the browser also restricts students from accessing other applications that the browser suspects might lead to sharing of information and data amongst students. During the exam, a student is not even permitted to navigate between various screens.

(c) Limits Browsing

When the students give permission to the online exam software, the browser barres them from accessing search engine tools such as Safari, google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

(d) Secures Data From Infringement

When students log in to the online exam software with a safe exam browser configured with the same, it does not send the information stored by the browser to any centralized server. Furthermore, its secure socket layer prevents unauthorized hackers from stealing any sensitive information, thereby protecting data from infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1: Online proctoring software is software that takes the aid of artificial intelligence-enabled technology for the purpose of monitoring the students while they take an exam from home. Using AI to monitor students’ activity ensures the sanctity of exams. The proctor uses real-time audio and video streaming.

Students before accessing the exam are under a mandate to verify their identity. While they take the exam, the proctor uses real-time audio and video streaming, tracks their movement, records the tests, and bookmarks those points, which it considers an academic violation.

Answer 2: Pesofts has an experienced team of developers who ensure that the software that they develop is the best. While our team creates Pesofts Software for online proctoring, they keep in mind all the features that play a crucial role in ensuring effective monitoring.

The Last Word
Preserving the online exam’s integrity is of utmost importance when universities, corporates, and recruiters assess test-takers online. During the exam, to deceive the proctor, the aspirants giving online exams tend to use unfair means. Still, a safe exam browser by Pesofts acts as a deterrent by preventing them from concealing their unfair malpractices.

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