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How to choose the best online assessment tool & benefits of it


Technological advancements have not spared any sector. Even the classrooms are no exception. The abundance of various tech products in the market often creates confusion amongst the teachers to choose from the innumerable online examination software that are available in the market. Examinations are however necessary.

This article first discusses how teachers can choose the right digital assessment software. It also explains the advantages that onscreen evaluation provides the examination conducting bodies.

onscreen evaluation

Before proceeding further, let us understand which is the right digital assessment software and why. The Digital assessment software like online examination system enables the exam conducting agencies to hold assessment through computer networks. Its advanced features have made this assessment software everyone’s favorites ranging from educational institutions to corporates.

The following require consideration before making any buying decision.

CONSIDER THE PURPOSE OF THE TOOL: An digital assessment software should have such features that help to make a teacher’s job more efficient as well as one that saves time. Software that does not perform the task of improving your efficiency or saving your precious time is not worth it.

IT SHOULD BE EASY TO USE: A digital assessment tool should not cause frustration. It should be easily operatable by students as well as teachers.

IT SHOULD GENERATE QUICK RESULTS WITH DETAILED ANALYSIS: Instant results, as well as detailed analysis, is one of the most crucial features of any digital assessment software. Generation of immediate results helps the teachers to provide feedback to the students. This feedback helps in the academic growth of
students as well as guide them in learning new skills and information.

AFFORDABLE: A digital assessment tool should not be costly and should contribute to reducing the administrative burden of the teachers.

● IT SHOULD HAVE THE FEATURE OF AUTOMATED INVIGILATION: An digital assessment software should have the feature of online remote proctoring that helps in preventing cheating and maintaining the integrity of the assessment.

IT SHOULD HAVE 24*7 SUPPORT: A digital assessment software should give its users the feature of 24*7 support that helps in solving any query or glitch within seconds. Reading this list of haves and have nots gives clarity of the features that every teacher should look into before making a purchase decision regarding online examination software. Since you now know how to choose the best digital evaluation tool.

Let us now consider some of the benefits with digital assessment tools.

From onscreen evaluation to online remote proctoring, an online examination software aims to simplify the experience of conducting an assessment. Let us first discuss the advantages that educational institutions get from onscreen paper checking.

SCANS THE ANSWER SHEET OF STUDENTS: There are times when the students request for reevaluation or rechecking after the declaration of result. An online examination software scans the answer sheet in a proper manner and stores it in its cloud-based software. This scanning makes it easy to fulfill the requests of the students without much hassle.

SAVES TIME: With the onscreen evaluation feature, a teacher or moderator can check the answer sheets accurately at the comfort of their home. Online checking saves time as it eliminates the time taken to handle the answer sheets physically. It preserves the commuting time as well as the logistical cost.

CALCULATES THE MARKS AUTOMATICALLY: The system calculates the scores of the students as per the marking scheme as well as question paper pattern automatically that eliminates the chances of totaling error. This automated calculation saves the time of exam checker.

GENERATES RESULTS INSTANTLY: The system directly calculates the outcome of the students after automatically calculating the marks and generates a score sheet instantly. This automated process eliminates the need to manually enter the score in the software that makes the process of the result generation speedy. It also minimizes the burden of the examination holding body of declaring results within a stipulated time frame.

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Thus online evaluation, as well as automated proctoring, reduces the administrative hassles associated with examination and also shares the burden of the assessment conducting bodies. The advanced features of this software results in the holding of speedy exams. It also plays a role in improving the quality of education as well as results in worldwide reach. This is practically possible through an online examination software having advanced features which are only offered by Pesofts.

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