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How On screen digital exams keep students and exam invigalator mentally sound


Assessment plays an important role to evaluate the knowledge of students. The examination causes anxiety amongst them that impacts their exam performance. An online examination software is the product of digitization which brings soundness to a student’s mental health. Digital exam software promotes mental wellness in students.

Are you wondering as to how computer-based assessment causes mental soundness? Continue reading. This article discusses as to how digital examination brings inner mental satisfaction in the students(test taker) or the advantages accrued to an exam conducting body through automated invigilation onscreen evaluation to online remote proctoring, an online examination software aims to simplify the experience of conducting an assessment.

Before proceeding further, let us first understand the concept of online examination software and. Instead of traditional pen-paper assessment, this software enables the educational institutions to conduct computer-based exams through a computer network.

From reducing anxiety levels to giving them the freedom to take exams at their preferred locations conveniently, online examination software helps in maintaining the mental health of students.

Let check how digital exams promotes mental soundness of students in detail.

1. REDUCES LEVEL OF ANXIETY: The online examination software is capable of minimizing the high levels of anxiety associated with pen-paper exams. The time flexibility related to computer-based exams permits the students to take tests at any time of the day coinciding with their preferred sleep/wake cycle.

2. GIVES THEM FREEDOM: With this software, you can learn at your locations conveniently along with other range of online resources. This results in better exam performance as students can freely take the tests at their own will when they are mentally prepared.

3. MINIMIZES RESULT ANXIETY: With online examination software, the students can see their scores instantly after the completion of the test. This reduces the anxiety associated with exam results that keeps them mentally sound.

4. LETS THEM FOCUS ON THE AREAS THAT REQUIRE IMPROVEMENT: The detailed reports which are generated after the completion of online tests describe the areas that require improvement. With such analysis, students can focus on the fields of lag that gives them the zeal to excel that improves their mental health.

5. PROMOTES SOCIAL INTERACTION: An online environment results in preparing with experts or peers. Reviewing course content together with teachers or other students, gives the students the strength to attempt exams confidently.

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Thus an online examination software not only keeps the test taker’s mental health sound but also results in better exam performance.

Examinations occupy an integral part in the field of education as they enable the educational institutions to assess the knowledge of students. Irrespective of being quintessential, conducting them is however considered cumbersome as they pose various challenges. But nowadays, the advent of online examination software with its advanced features has simplified the process of evaluation.

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Let now us discuss the benefits of remote online proctoring.

1. WIDE REACH: Online proctoring helps the exam holding agencies to eliminate the need for arranging invigilators. This reduces the administrative burden as well as provides extended reach as the students can take tests in any remote location around the world.

2. ORGANISATIONS CAN CONDUCT FREQUENT EXAMS: Automated invigilation enables the exam conducting bodies to hold assessments more frequently. Thus this feature of online examination software permits the agencies to run assessment more often instead of concentrating all tests onto a few big days.

3. INCREASED SECURITY: Having an unseen invigilator constantly keeping an eye makes it impossible for a student to cheat. Online proctoring also gives the invigilator the power to remove access in case the students resorting to any unfair means. With this, the integrity of the exam also remains intact.

4. SAVES COST: Remote proctoring eliminates the need for hiring invigilators to keep an eye on the students. It also cuts down the expense of hiring an exam hall for conducting tests. Online examination reduces the overall administrative burden as well as saves money by minimising the logistical issues.

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Assessment software offered by Pesofts along with its advanced features helps any educational institution to assess student’s knowledge as well as assuring better grades. Thus online evaluation as well as automated proctoring reduces the administrative hassles associated with examination and also shares the burden of the assessment conducting bodies. This is practically possible through an online examination software having advanced features which are only offered by Pesofts.

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