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Challenges To Manage Online Exams


All the competitive exams nowadays adopt an online mode due to online examination software. For the test takers, opting for a computer-based test is a new and bewildering experience. It is difficult for them to be aware of what to expect. They also do not know what skills and strategies will enable them to perform their best.

Are you also giving an online exam for the first time? Are you confused as to what all you should consider before taking an online test? Read further. The article today gives you some tips regarding the same.

Let us first learn the concept of online examination software. It is a software that has enabled the exam conducting agencies to take tests with the help of a computer and computer network.

You should be thoroughly aware of the methods and techniques of an online exam before appearing for one. Here are some tips to help you excel these exams :

Tips for students before taking online exam software

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Know the test format: You should be aware of the kind of questions that the instructor will include in the review. They can range from multiple choice questions to fill in, short answers to essay.

Assess yourself: Take a practice exam if your instructor arranges it for you. You should be aware of the way to attempt a computer-based test using online examination software.

Study the class materials: Even if it is an open book test, study, and review as if you opted for a pen-paper assessment.

Fix your timings for the test: Determining the specific time of taking the test is essential. If it is available for several hours or a few days, choose a time that has the least potential for distraction, stress, and interruption.

Check your computer: Whether you’re using your computer or one in a lab, you should verify that all the hardware and software are correct. It is also crucial to be in a location having an adequate internet connection.

Don’t panic if there is a technical problem: In case of a technical issue, do not panic. Instead, take a screenshot and contact your instructor immediately explaining the exact problem in detail. Online examination software offered by Pesofts provides 24*7 assistance to resolve your query.

Check your grades: Most of the online examination software generates results instantly and enables you to check your score. So if this option is available, then you should avail it.

Online exams are quite similar to pen paper tests, but they do present some differences that
warrant a bit of extra awareness and preparation.

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