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Tips To Incorporate Online Exam Module In School Management System


The foundation of education in the 21st century and primarily because of CoVID has undergone a drastic change. This change has also made it imperative for educational institutes such as schools/colleges/universities to consider incorporating an online exam module in the school management system.
From admitting students to managing the daily administrative affairs of the school, from giving students the liberty to submit their documents online to conducting their classes with online Virtual classroom software, everything has shifted online. However, when assessing students online, educational institutes face problems.

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The same can be countered by using an online exam module in the school management system. An online exam module is a tool that aids the teachers in planning the entire schedule of examinations with a timetable, creating question papers by inserting question banks with solutions, conducting live online exams, formulating reports based on the results, Etc.

Considered that one of the most effective and efficient software for every institute imparting education, the software enables an environment that is secure for assessing students and maintains transparency in the institutes.

 Tips To Incorporate Online Exam Module In School Management System

Today’s article deals with the tips that every educational institution should follow for incorporating an online exam module in the school management system.

Tips To Incorporate Online Exam Module In School Management System

1. Consider Purchasing An Online Exam Module Which Has Basic Features That Are Imperative For Hasslefree Assessment

When the teachers conduct tests online, the software should have various assessment tools that enable the faculty to hold them with proper planning and schedule. Various assessment tools such as creating questions papers by inserting questions of several types, setting different grading levels and ranks to compute analyzed results, a time within which exam has to be completed should be inbuilt in the online exam software. Along with some discussed in brief above, it should have the following features:

It Should Give Teachers An Option Of Including Various Types Of Questions & Formulating Exam Format As Required:

While creating a question paper online, teachers should not in any manner feel restricted regarding the types of questions that they prefer to include for assessing students. Thus an online exam module to give the faculty this liberty should have the provision wherein it allows them to add questions of any type ranging from MCQs to subjective questions to questions based on images and formulas. Further, coupled with this, the teachers should also have the option to upload questions easily, either automatically or manually. Having the liberty to prefer the exam format as per the requirements instills a sense of trust in the exam conducting bodies.

It Should Have The Inbuilt System Of Generating Instant Results:

Any online exam module the educational institutes prefer should generate detailed instant results after the students complete the exam. This would aid the teachers in calculating the grades of students and ranking levels quickly and delivering results fast, having a better evaluation process. Thus, the Inbuilt system of generating detailed results reduces the administrative burden and enables the teachers to focus on working on the weak subjects of the students so that they can improve their performance.

2. I prefer A Module Which The Faculty And Students Easily Can access

If educational institutes under the garb of cheap software prefer an online exam module that is complex to use, the same can act as a deterrent in conducting large-scale online exams successfully. That’s because neither the teachers who have to create a question paper will be able to access it properly, nor will the test-takers understand the nitty gritties of giving an exam online. Thus another tip that should be kept in mind while starting an online exam module in the school management system is that the software should be easy to use.

Teachers have the sole responsibility of creating question papers for conducting subjective assessments online, and for this, the software mustn’t be complicated.

3. Online Examination Software Should Be Capable Of Securing The Data

Have you ever imagined how it would be if, some hours before the exam starts, you get to know that the question paper has been leaked due to someone unauthorized access to your online exam module? This would result in the cancellation of the entire exam and create an impression that the exam conducting body is irresponsible.

Keeping the above background in mind, another factor that should be considered before incorporating an online exam module should be ensuring that the online examination can secure data. A secured online exam software would also help protect students’ privacy and avoid access by people who do not have the authority to do so.

4. Online Exam Module Should Be Coupled With Online Proctoring Feature.

Educational institutes often express their hesitance in conducting exams online since they are under the impression that students giving exams online would cheat by resorting to unfair means which might not be visible to the human eye. The online exam module should always be coupled with an online proctoring feature to get the confidence to conduct large-scale online examinations while ensuring their integrity.

Proctoring plays the role of an invigilator and ensures that test takers are not involved in any activities during the exam that is completely forbidden. From verifying students’ identities to recording the entire exam, the live footage online proctoring feature maintains the credibility of online examinations. This makes it crucial for educational institutes to prefer software for a school management system that acts as an online invigilator without humans.

5. Check Software’s Load Capacity

Various softwares are created based on the different requirements that the software has to cater to, and the same goes even for online exam modules. Educational institutions must thoroughly, before incorporating the same in the school management system, must carefully check its bandwidth, storage as well as the number of students which the software can support. The requirements and size of every school are different. Some admit large numbers of students, while some only admit a limited number. Thus, for growth, the software’s load capacity must be looked into before incorporating an online exam module for the school management system.

6. Software Provider Should Provide 24*7 Maintenance & After Sales Support.

Imagine a situation wherein educational institutions are in the middle of their term exams. The software stops functioning due to some technical glitch, or a particular student cannot access the software due to some issue. In such a scenario, not only would the entire examination collapse, but it would also waste the efforts of students who burned the midnight oil for performing the best in the online exam.

Thus to avoid this situation, only an online exam module provider should be preferred that provides 24*7 technical support and resolve the issues as soon as possible. Often schools are duped into purchasing cheap software compared to the others offered by various online exam software providers but offer terrible after-sales services. Thus, the technical maintenance and support aspects should be considered before incorporating the online exam module.

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The Last Word
You till now would’ve realized how important an online exam module in the school management system can be for the effective functioning of the school. The various advantages that this software for online exams offers to make it imperative for educational institutions to consider some tips discussed above. Following these tips before incorporating an online exam module into the school management system and purchasing Pesoft’s online examination software is the best combination for ensuring large-scale, hassle-free online exams.

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