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Why Most Prestigious Exams Went Online

The advent of technological advancements has not spared competitive exams out of its scope. The introduction of online examination software has transformed the mode of conducting assessments. In 1993 GRE was the first computer-based exam which was followed by GMAT in 1997, CAT in 2009, GATE in 2014 as well as CSIR UGC NET Exam will enter the domain from December 2019.

Hire Your Employee With Online Exam Software

The journey of transformation in the recruitment process from a lengthy as well as a cost- An Effective procedure to a speedy process is a long one. The advent of online examination software is the backbone behind this revolution in the selection method adopted by the corporates these days.

Benefits of online examination system for teachers

Assessment of student’s learning to monitor the progress at regular intervals is crucial in an educational environment. The technological advancements have caused a shift in the preferred mode of conducting the examination from traditional methods of assessment to the online evaluation conducted through exam software.

How Online Exam Software Will Help Managing Exam For College, Corporate.

Internet and social media-oriented people in this modern world have started demanding better, flexible and accurate examination systems capable of changing effortlessly in real- time. The rapid increase in technology has instilled the lost faith in the assessment industry by laying the foundation of conducting exams online through online examination software.