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Ways To Make Your Classroom Safe Space For Students


Education is one of the most integral aspects of a human’s life, which plays a crucial role in having a successful career. However, the challenging times in which the students live currently and the unprecedented advent of various mutants of CoVID make it difficult for them to adapt to the new ways of learning.

Furthermore, in online classrooms, the students often feel hesitant to join, be participative and learn freely. As a mentor, you’re aware of the importance a classroom can have in a student’s life, and that’s why you invest a large chunk of your time in planning the delivery of a perfect online lesson.

However, all this investment would be useless if the students feel hesitant to participate in the discussions during online live lectures or show their reluctance to join the same. In such a scenario, making your classroom a safe space for students becomes crucial for you.

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 Ways To Make Your Classroom Safe Space For Students

To guide you, the article today deals with how mentors and educational institutions can make their classrooms a safe space for students.

Before proceeding further, let us first understand the concept of making the classroom a safe space.

A classroom becomes safe when the environment in the classroom motivates the students from feeling secure to take risks, express their views in the discussion taking place, and share the knowledge they have. Furthermore, it’s an atmosphere where students have the freedom to make mistakes without any judgments or ridicule from their peers or mentors.

They can freely engage in critical, honest, civil, and challenging discussions. This should aid them to grow, protect them from psychological or emotional harm, stabilize their mental health and boost their confidence to confront the issues that make them uncomfortable.

Ways to Make Your Classroom Safe Space For Students:

As read above, a safe space for students in the classroom would motivate them to participate and boost their confidence. As a teacher, you always want to make your students feel comfortable approaching you. In the following ways, teachers can make an effort to ensure a safe online classroom:

 Ways to Make Your Classroom Safe Space For Students Following:

1. Establishing Connection With Students

In the difficult times when students are under constant pressure and anxiety, teachers establishing a connection with the students can go a long way to better their mental health. Further, this connection also creates a safe space in the classroom if teachers remind them that they are there to help and guide them and are there for them to listen to their issues. This connection in virtual schooling is easily possible through online classroom software, which can act as a medium for the students to interact with their mentors and express their issues.

2. Creating A Sense Of Community In Online Classroom

Students can also feel secure in their classroom if mentors provide them with a sense of belonging. Creating a sense of community in an online classroom without personal touch is not easy. It takes effort for the teachers to adapt to this practice, get accustomed to it, and include it within themselves.

Students feel that the classroom is their second home and look forward to coming to the class enthusiastically.Furthermore, this can also be starting practices such as setting norms for the classroom and addressing grudges between the classmates on an early basis.

3. Embracing New Innovative Tools & Methods For New Learning

Teachers are adopting new ways and tools for facilitating learning Management System. They aid the students in finding low-risk ways to bring their voices into the discussion. That’s because when students are in a physical classroom, there is a possibility of them being uncomfortable in voicing their viewpoints. However, with online classroom software, their discussions can be slowed down, enabling students to participate in comfortable ways. Active participation of students boosts students’ confidence and helps them feel secure while taking lectures.

4. Show Sensitivity To Student’s Individual Needs

Students feel safe in an online classroom when teachers acknowledge the uniqueness, individual strengths, and weaknesses of the students. The ones who participate in online learning are of different types, and some may be motivated to participate in discussions. In contrast, some may feel shy about expressing their thoughts and opinions. Thus, to flourish the relationship between teachers and students and boost their confidence, mentors should
understand and handle the various diversities of the student’s responsibility. It would definitely go a long way for building a classroom environment that is safe, secure, and healthy.

5. Enabling Students To Become Self Learners

As a result of CoVID, we all now live in a world that is changing at a fast pace that none has ever seen before. Even technology and innovation haven’t been spared in this time as online Teaching apps, online examination software, and other associated tools have been introduced to ensure continuity in education. In this scenario, it becomes imperative for the students to be proactive in researching, enrolling in other additional courses, reading articles for enriching knowledge, and becoming self-learners for excelling in every step. For enabling students to become self-learners and feel secure in these changing times, teachers should be by the student’s side on every step.

6. Be Aware Of Bullying, Bias. Online Hate That Can Prevent Students From Attending Online Classes

The way in which every coin has two sides, in the same manner, even learning online through online Teaching app can be beneficial and disadvantageous for the students. That’s because students can be targeted with bullying, bias, online hate, etc., by their peers and others, which can be detrimental to the child’s mental health and discourage them from taking classes online. Since there is a possibility of anything happening under the radar of online courses, teachers should be aware of the actions, and the incidents taking place and take proactive roles in ensuring a safe space for students in online classrooms.

7. Celebrating Student’s Achievements

Students feel motivated to perform better when their mentor celebrates every small achievement and their peers in the classroom. Thus, another way a safe space for students can be created is through celebrating students’ achievements.

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Ensuring that students feel safe in your classroom isn’t as difficult as you consider it to be. You can build this every day by teaching some habits in your curriculum bit by bit with the help of Pesofts online classroom software.

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