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Choose The Right Online Exam Software


online exam software in this pandemic has acted as a magic wand by enabling the universities to conduct large-scale exams of national importance without requiring the physical presence of students.

Various advantages of online exams have increased demand for this software to assess students virtually by various catalysts associated with the educational sector. Still, along with this, the number of unscrupulous online exam software providers has also increased.

This increase is a matter of concern. The need of the hour is to educate the universities on how they can filter out amongst such online examination software providers by guiding them to choose the right online exam software.

Today’s article has been written to elaborate on the five steps that every educational institute should mandatorily follow for choosing the most appropriate and suitable online exam software.

Choose The Right Online Exam Software

5 Steps To Follow For Choosing The Right Online Exam Software

The steps with the help of which any educational institution can choose the right online exam software are thereafter enumerated below in detail. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Step 1: Conduct An In-Depth Research For The Companies That Provide Online Exam Software

The advent of technology coupled with the internet and Google as a search engine has made the life of every human being so easy in terms of research. That’s because, with the help of this, it is now possible to conduct in-depth research on everything with the click of a mouse to ensure the availability of the best product.

Therefore, the first step towards choosing the right online exam software is conducting detailed research for the companies that provide online exam software.

Step 2: Shortlist The Best Online Exam Software Providers That Is Best Suited For Your Needs

After universities conduct in-depth research on various software providers, the next step that they have to follow is shortlisting a few providers that are best suited to their needs. Some of the factors that the universities should consider for shortlisting the best online exam software provider is the experience that the particular organization has in the field of selling online exam software.

The clientele that it has, as well as the experience which their customers have had with the online exam software provider after the purchase. Another thing that should also be considered while opting for the best online exam software is its after-sales services which these providers offer in terms of technical support.

Step 3: Look At The Features That The Provider Has To Offer In Its Online Exam Software

This is the most crucial step that every university should follow while deciding upon the best online exam software provider amongst the ones they have shortlisted. Some of the most basic features which universities should look into in every online exam software are listed below:

Easy To Use/ User Friendly:

The first and foremost thing which every institute should consider while purchasing an online exam software is the ease with which the universities can create engaging online exams. If the software is complex to use, the teachers will struggle while creating an online exam and find the entire process of assessing students online cumbersome.

Software should always enable the teachers to add images, texts, videos, complex equations in various forms such as multiple-choice questions, audio-video questions, image questions, long answer type questions, etc.

However, the educational institute should be able to create a comprehensive question bank and set the time limit within which the students have to submit the test and the day and time at which the online test would be available.


Scalability of the online exam software is the second most crucial aspect which every university should consider if they wish to choose the right online exam software. The software’s scalability defines the load that the exam software can take at a particular point in time while innumerable students give their online assessment. Educational institutes should always opt for that software which functions efficiently at all times during the live exam.

Detects Cheating:

The integrity of an online exam software is only maintained when the online exam software deters students from cheating by detecting the malpractices resorted to by them while they are giving the online exam. The fact that the students are under someone’s eye even during the online exam deters them from adopting the means prohibited expressly by the educational institutions.

Displays Detailed Results:

While the educational institutes have resorted to the online mode of conducting exams keeping in mind the benefits that it has to offer, one of them is reducing the overall administrative burden, thereby keeping this benefit into consideration universities should always opt for that software which automatically displays detailed results after the end of the exam. Displaying detailed results helps to reduce the burden of teachers further and gives the educational institutions a clear picture of the students’ performance.


Security is the most crucial aspect of any software when the entire world has resorted to using virtual means to ensure continuity of their work amid this pandemic. Every exam conducting agency is bound to store vast amounts of data related to test-takers and the online tests for various courses and subjects.

This, however, makes the security of online exam software of utmost importance. Therefore, only that software should opt adequately secured to ensure data privacy and prevent access to crucial information from unethical hackers.

Step 4: Opt For A Trial Before Making The Final Purchase

This is probably the second last step that every university purchasing an online exam software should go for before making the final purchase. Opting for a trial and understanding the working of the same enables universities to analyze whether investing money to buy the software to assess students online would be fruitful in the long run or not. Enabling the educational institutes to opt for a free trial also indicates transparency on the part of online exam software providers in Delhi.

Step 5: Purchase The Online Exam Software

This is the last step in the university’s race to buy the right online exam software. Universities, schools, colleges, and coaching institutes should always purchase that online exam software that is affordable as per their pockets and provides them with excellent after-sale services.

The Last Word

When the new delta virus variant has become a cause of concern for our nations, there is no ray of hope for the situation to become conducive for conducting exams physically. Therefore, online exam software is the only option available with the universities if they wish to ensure continuity of education. Therefore to conduct large-scale examinations successfully, it is imperative to follow the five steps that have been discussed above so that universities can make the right choice.

We at Pesofts are there to provide universities and educational institutions with the best online exam software. We assure you that our software for online assessment is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is an online exam?

Answer 1: Also called e- examination, the universities can assess students by using the internet in this type of assessment. In this type of exam, neither the students nor the teachers must be present physically, and the students can be assessed with the help of online exam software on any device that the teachers and students have. Candidates in this mode of the exam must answer the questions within a stipulated time frame since the test window automatically closes after the time is over.

Question 2: What is online exam software?

Answer 2: An online exam software enables universities to assess students online through an online entrance test. The students can answer the questions without their physical presence on any device that matches the requirements laid down by the software. With its feature of remote automated or live online proctoring, the software ensures that students do not resort to using means prohibited by the exam conducting universities, which aid in ensuring the authenticity of the exam. With this online exam software, educational institutes are also relieved of preparing results since the automatic grading feature presents a detailed report of all the students in the blink of an eye.

Question 3: Why is Pesofts the right choice in terms of online exam software?

Answer 3: With a belief to always provide the best online exam software which perfectly makes its space in any educational institution, we at Pesofts provide the best online exam software. When our team of developers with at least ten years of experience developing the right online exam software creates the required software, they always keep in mind “Interests Of The Educational Institutions.” They aim to develop software that aids the universities, schools, and colleges in conducting online exams successfully and makes the life of all the people using the online assessment system easy by reducing their burden.

To ensure that our users have the best experience, we give them an opportunity for a free trial before making their final purchase. We are always available for them in case of any technical glitch, query, or error. Along with this, our software for online exams is available at affordable rates, and we do not charge exorbitant prices for every addition demanded by the educational institutions to customize their exam software for suiting their needs.

We at Pesofts are there for you at every step. If you have any queries, we assure you to resolve them within a short period. Just lend us our hand & we will ensure you put ten steps forward for the students & the educational institutes.

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