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Choose the Best Exam Management Software For IIT JEE Mains and Advance

Online exams until now were only being conducted by corporates to recruit the best talent. Still, a shift in the mode of imparting lectures happened due to CoVID. The pandemic had resulted in a substantial shift regarding even the mode of assessing students in national-level competitive exams. However, also forced the coaching centres providing coaching for these exams to resort to the best online exam management software.

To keep up the student’s trust in fulfilling their dreams of landing in the best university, they need to keep themselves updated with the best exam management software for IIT JEE Mains and Advance. This is because aspirants taking practice tests and mock tests on these softwares not only give the students an idea of what their final exam looks like, but they also get the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities.

This increase in the number of coaching institutes and aspirants yearly also increased demand for this exam management software for IIT JEE Mains and Advance. This rise in demand resulted in the growth of the number of software providers, which ultimately confused the coaching centres concerning the effectiveness of availability of the innumerable softwares.

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Choose the Best Exam Management Software For IIT JEE Mains and Advance

Thus amidst this confusion and chaos, the article today deals with how coaching centres can choose the best exam management software for IIT JEE Mains and Advance.

Ways To Choose Best Exam Management Software For IIT JEE Mains and Advance

To choose the best exam management software for IIT JEE Mains, the software must clear the following criteria, which have been elaborated in detail below:

  • 1. Capable Of Supporting Multimedia Formats & Questions
  • 2. Detailed Automated Results
  • 3. Makes The Entire Drill Of Assessing Students Easy
  • 4. Chatbots That Aid In Resolution Of Queries
  • 5. Secure and Safe
  • 6. Scalable & Compatible

1. Capable Of Supporting Multimedia Formats & Questions

The question paper for IIT JEE Mains as well as advanced exam consists of various forms of questions which can be asked from different subjects such as physics, chemistry and maths and can range from a formula, integer, image to audio-based questions. Adding these questions enables the National Testing Agency to maintain the exam level even while switching the mode from offline to online.

For the coaching institutes to give the students this type of training and instil in them the confidence to perform their best, an online exam management software should be flexible enough to support all the formats of questions asked in the exam.

2. Detailed Automated Results

In coaching centres that provide coaching for IIT JEE, the availability of teachers is of utmost importance. This is because students have doubts while preparing for the exam and look forward to resolving them immediately through their mentors. But the same isn’t possible if teachers have to invest their time in checking the mock test papers.

Thus, against this backdrop, another aspect which becomes crucial when choosing an online exam management software is that the software should be capable of automatically preparing detailed and analysed results without human intervention. An automatic grading function with immediate feedback is beneficial for both the teachers and students because both get to know the areas where the students lack and can work accordingly.

3. Makes The Entire Drill Of Assessing Students Easy

The purpose of any software is to enable the user to ease the task for which it has been purchased and if it doesn’t, then investing in such software is no use. This is because the user would not only be worried due to the software’s failure to accomplish the task for which it was purchased but would also make the user feel that the amount they spent went down the drain.

Thus to ensure that the software aids in reducing the user’s woes and not adding to them, the software for exam management, which the user purchases, should be User-Friendly LMS Software and reduce the hours of struggle with its interface and functions.

4. Chatbots That Aid In Resolution Of Queries

There are times when during a mock test, students have queries, but the absence of the proctor’s physical presence restricts them from giving the exam without resolving the same. However, to ensure instant resolution of queries, centres providing coaching for IIT JEE should purchase software for exam management with a chatbot through which they can connect with their mentor.

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5. Secure and Safe

While students take mock tests, coaching institutes aim to create a set-up similar to how they’ll take the IIT JEE exam. To enable the students to access the questions, even the exam management software asks them to comply with some steps wherein they are required to provide some crucial data which leaking could cause a breach of privacy.

Thus, exam management software should be robust enough to keep data related to exams and student information safe to ensure data security.

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6. Scalable & Compatible

There are times when software can crash due to a large number of students taking the mock exams simultaneously. Thus to avoid this, exam management software should be scalable to ensure that exams are conducted seamlessly.

Furthermore, to enable students to take the exam from any location and on any device, the system should be compatible with smartphones, android and iOS phones, tablets, laptops etc.

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The Last Word
Educational policies in India have substantially changed due to PM Modi’s vision for Digital India and CoVID. Almost all the national-level exams are now conducted online. To excel in those exams, it has become imperative for the coaching institutes to invest in exam management software which eases the entire process of assessing students online.

However, amidst the unlimited number of software providers for such software, it becomes difficult for the users to choose. To resolve their queries, the article has dealt with some of the mandatory features which every exam management software should have but not every software would have the features discussed above.

No need to worry! Pests online exam management software is there, which fulfils all the criteria discussed. The software has everything from being user-friendly, scalable, and secure to maintaining the integrity of the exam. It’s also reasonably priced and comes with the best after-sales service. This makes Pesoft’s exam management software the best way to prepare test takers for the IIT JEE exam.

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