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Most Trusted Proctoring Software With The Artificial Intelligence To Assess Students


Aiming to be the best proctoring software provider for online proctoring, we intend to provide services that offer services involving trained human test proctors. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Pesofts online proctoring test software ensures hassle-free online assessments with viable outcomes. AI proctoring software to assess Students in Studies.

Student Authentication: The prerequisite for any student to even be eligible for accessing the question paper online is to allow the software to access the things it asks for. If the students do not give access to the proctor, they cannot even think of sitting for the assessment virtually. AI proctoring software helps to authenciate the students

Restricts Online Navigation: While students take their exams online, AI Proctoring Softwarelimits students’ activity by restraining them from accessing the websites prohibited by examination bodies and using unauthorised applications that promote cheating.

Secure Exam Browser: The inbuilt safe exam browser in Pesofts proctoring exam software deters students from resorting to unfair malpractices such as using external devices before or during the exam.

Prevents Students From Taking Screenshot: During an online exam, our proctoring software does not allow the test takers from taking screenshots of the questions and share the same with their mentors.

Easily Customised: Different educational institutions have different needs & often prefer online proctoring software, which can be customised easily. Depending upon the stake involved in an online assessment, the educational institutions can get the software customised.

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 Most Trusted Proctoring Software With Artificial Intelligence To Assess Students

Why Choose Pesofts Online Proctoring Test Software

Know why Pesofts is the #1 choice for exam conducting agencies to assess students online

24*7 Support: To support your institution and ensure secured exams with our online proctoring test software, we offer 24*7 uninterrupted support to resolve all your issues through phone, email and chat. Even during a live online exam, our support chats with our support chatbox. We provide swift and real-time assistance for our clients.

Responsive: Pesofts proctoring exam software is compatible with all the devices, eliminating the requirement to arrange particular software to create or give online exams.

Free Trial: Before purchasing Pesofts proctoring exam software, users can access our free trial option before choosing a paid-up plan. We do not believe in forcing anyone to purchase our product. To assure our users of the fact that the software which they have opted for complies with their requirements, they have the option of exploring the features provided by us.

Low Maintenance: Pesofts after sales charges are not high. While you avail of our after-sale services, we assure you that you will not have to burn your pocket by paying high maintenance charges.

Easy Integrations: Without making any major changes to your device or downloading extensions and plugins, online proctoring test software integrates easily, thereby streamlining the process of assessing students.

Pesoft’s Proctoring Exam Software Ensures Virtual Assessment’s Integrity

Assess Test Takers Virtually With Various Types Of Proctoring Softwares Provided By Pesofts

Live Online Proctoring: Best proctoring software monitors all the live activities of the test-takers during the exam. The safe exam browser installed with it ensures that while the proctor misses any malpractice, the same is brought to notice by the browser. The proctor consistently records their video when students attempt their exam, which they access after adhering to the pre-authentication steps.

Recorded: Online proctoring test software in this proctoring does not continuously monitor the activities undertaken by the test-takers during the exam. Post the students are given access to their microphone and camera to the proctor, the student’s video starts recording till they submit their exam. The recorded video is available for review later by the exam conducting agencies to ensure that students follow the protocol as directed.

Automated: AI Proctoring Software plays its role in maintaining the integrity of online exam’s integrity. The screen gets recorded along with the feeds, which the Artificial Intelligence Proctor monitors. If the proctor notices any suspicious activities during the exam, it has the liberty to cancel the test taker’s exam.

Learn Essentials For Online Test Takers During Online Proctored Exam

Seamlessly Assess Students Virtually With Online Proctoring Test Software

Assessing Student Virtually Is Way Too Easy With Pesofts

Step 1: Login With Unique Credentials
Log in with their credentials that are unique to every student.

Step 2: Choose Relevant Test Package
Select the relevant test package from the various packages that are available and add the same

Step 3: Comply With Pre Verification Requirements
Click on Start and comply with all the pre-verification steps, such as submitting a mandatory identity card, giving the proctor access to the camera and mic.

Step 4: Attempt The Exam
Post the verification steps; the student is ready to attempt the exam

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The Last Word
Innumerable Educational Institutions Have Instilled Their Trust On Us To Conduct Safe Exam And Maintain Integrity Of Virtual Exams. We aim to provide hassle-free, safe and secure online exam solutions. To fulfil this aim, our experienced team of professional experts incorporate all the features in the best proctoring software that is of utmost importance for assessing students and maintaining the integrity of online exams. Our commitment to providing top-notch exam proctoring services has earned us the trust of numerous educational institutions who rely on us to ensure a fair and reliable virtual exam experience for their students.

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