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How Proctoring Ensures Total Cheating Prevention?


Ever since CoVID has been a part of our lives, it has brought an enormous transformation in the way educational institutions impart knowledge. To cater to the needs of schools and universities for conducting semester end and entrance exams various Human Based and AI-Based Proctoring Software have been developed to ensure total cheating prevention.

Institutions providing education needed a solution that along with providing students and educator’s feasibility also did not force them to compromise with exam’s integrity and that’s when remote proctoring solutions came to their rescue.

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The article today, explains in detail as to how Human Based and Artificial Intelligence Based features in online examination software ensure total prevention of cheating and maintenance of security and exam integrity.

Human Based and AI Based Proctoring Features Ensures Total Cheating Prevention

AI and human based remote proctoring software ensures that students while taking an exam at the comfort of their home do not resort to practices that are considered as unfair by the exam conducting agencies.

Proctoring that is equipped with Artificial Intelligence can be understood as a process that has been repeated 1000’s times for the purpose of developing, training, and refining a system that ensures topmost integrity in any online exam. Having the ability to catch hold of any behavior having the color of identity fraud, content theft, and cheating, AI-based proctoring will ensure that students are not subject to any advantage.

● Excellent Accuracy

Acting like a second set of eyes for the invigilators given the responsibility to keep an eye on the test-takers, the AI based proctoring feature results in improved accuracy as it makes human proctor aware of the little things such as whisper, reflections, shadows which might go unnoticed and might miss the proctor’s eye during the online exam.

AI’s pattern recognition feature which enables it to detect various patterns within the data and catch hold of the irregularities within it while a student is taking an exam on online proctoring software aids it in ensuring total cheating prevention.

● Verifying Candidate’s Identity

Proctoring based on Artificial intelligence verifies a candidate’s identity before starting the online exam to ensure that there is no impersonation. The manner in which candidates are required to show their identity proof, in the same way, the proctor also demands the test taker’s ID card, picture, and permission to have complete access to the camera and microphone. Only after this verification, the test takers can proceed with giving the exam online.

● Additional Level Of Security

AI-based remote proctoring feature in online examination softwarehas the ability to identify all behavior that is negative or not permitted which might miss a human proctor’s eye. Having the control to take immediate action against the defaulter, this feature ensures that students do not resort to practices that cause prejudice to the exam’s integrity.

Such an act results in providing confidence to everyone in the exams that are considered high stakes. Its voice recognition feature helps in picking up the sound and matches it with background sound to detect instances of cheating by recognizing sound patterns. The feature of eye movement detection enables the proctor to get hold of the eyeball movements of the test taker to figure out instances of unfair practices.

● Increased Stability Levels

The trust which is instilled within the educational institutions conducting successful high stake exams online with the aid of Human-Based and AI-Based Proctoring features results in maintaining exam integrity. It also motivates them to conduct remote proctoring exams without even thinking about any compromise to the security. AI being alert to behaviors that are unacceptable ensures accuracy which cannot even be maintained while conducting exams physically.


A perusal of the entire article surely leads us to the conclusion that the combination of manual and AI-based technologies embedded in remote proctoring software not only puts the students at ease by giving them an option of taking tests from any location without coming to the exam center physically but also maintains integrity in the exam.

However, to ensure that educational institutions achieve the levels of complete prevention of cheating, it is imperative for them to resort to the best Software for Online Proctoring which is offered by Pesofts at attractive cost-effective prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Is Remote Proctoring?

Answer 1: Remote proctoring is the pedagogy of authenticating, authorizing, and conducting online exams in a scalable manner. This technology permits the educational institutes to conduct exams anywhere and anytime with complete credibility and integrity. Candidates in this type of exam do not have to give their exam from a specific place and can take it at the comfort of their home on any device, be it a laptop, mobile, iPad, tablet, etc. All they need to do is, have an internet connection, microphone, and webcam.

Question 2: Are The Various Types Of Remote Proctoring?

Answer 2: Software for online proctoring can offer the following types of remote proctoring:

• Video Proctoring: Beneficial for high stake assessment where the proctor monitors a candidate continuously through video streaming activity. In video proctoring, the proctor records the candidate’s entire video during the exam. The invigilator, after that, can check if the student was involved in any activity prohibited by the proctor.
• Image Proctoring: This type of proctoring is suitable when the test-takers face connectivity issues as it captures various pictures of the candidate at specific time intervals. With these images, educational institutes can analyze those images to figure if test takers resorted to the practices that the university prohibits.
• Auto Proctoring: This type of proctoring offered by the proctor enables universities to automatically monitor and analyze the candidate’s activity. Often referred to as invigilate candidates taking exams from remote locations, auto proctoring performs the function of both video and image proctoring to analyze if the candidate is indulged in malpractices and activities that the educational institute prohibits.

Question 3: Why Pesofts Online Remote Proctoring Software?

Answer 3: Pesofts software for live proctoring is a comprehensive platform that is designed by our exam software developers by combining the power of AI-enabled automated proctoring as well as active human monitoring and intervention. This all-in-one solution consists of all the features of online exam software and enables you to deter cheating. You also get the opportunity of administering secure end-to-end exams anytime, anywhere.
● Seamless Candidate and Admin Experience (User-Friendly) Pesofts platform consist of UIs which are easy to manage and navigate. You can post a quick introduction as well as a detailed walkthrough that adds great flexibility to the clients. They can access the platforms and also use their proctors.
● Integration with Any Test Engine and Mobile App (Easily Fits Into Your Existing System): Our online platform for proctoring is capable of being integrated with any app, website session as well a test engine that requires proctoring. Our software is available in the form of an app through which you can proctor candidates on all the web-based platforms for assessment. With our proctoring software, you can add proctoring to your mobile examination/assessment applications.
● Robust Data Security (Secure Data With Our Internationally Complied Standards ): We use methods like data encryption as well as secure data hosting by complying with international standards to ensure data security.
● 24*7 Support from Proctoring Experts (Ready to help you when you need The Most): Test takers get free technical support from our team of service and support. They have an exam facilitator hotline, and every admin has a dedicated account manager.
● Budget-Friendly (Do Not Compromise On Your Budget): Our wide ranges of exam software are available at prices that meet your budget and scale. You do not have to incur any overhead resources costs for administering the tests.

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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