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Online Exam Software for All Types of Exam


Irrespective of the type of business you have ranging from a corporation running programs which are completed by awarding certificates or assessing the activities undertaken by your employees post-training or an educational institution or a coaching institution which is looking to expand its reach into the new market, there are innumerable advantages of an online exam software for all types of exams.

The numerous benefits that can be derived from software for online exams are wholeheartedly welcomed by the exam conducting organization as well as the candidates themselves. The benefits that educational institutions and test-takers receive from online exam software depend on the specific software used. However, a significant and shared advantage for all organizations is a reduction in administrative burden and exam costs.

Although this list is not exhaustive, in today’s article, we have attempted to list down the key benefits that can be considered for an organization by using online exam software for conducting all types of exams.

Online Exam Software

Advantages of Online Exam Software for All Types of Exam

1. Test Takers Can Use The Device They’re Comfortable With To Give Their Exam

The fact that online exam software is responsive and works well with all devices is a plus point for all the candidates who do not have a habit of giving exams on pen paper. Corporations often assess the work performance of their employees by way of an assessment, and the employees work on a computer all day long.

They’re more familiar with working on a computer all day preparing worksheets, spreadsheets, documents, etc., and it’s onerous for them to switch to giving exams by writing their answers. Thus, online exam software acts as a savior since it enables them to share their assessment on any device they’re comfortable with.

Furthermore, the flexibility that test-takers get due to remote invigilation or online proctoring enables the candidates to give a secure and invigilated exam from the comfort of their home, which reduces stress and positively impacts their mental health.

2. Significantly Reduces Administrative Burden

The amount of burden that exam conducting agencies feel and face while preparing for an exam is humongous. Various tasks such as arranging for exam centers, invigilators, answer sheets, OMR Sheets, ensuring that CoVID protocols are followed, checking the answer sheets, and declaring results are time-consuming and costly.

However, moving online and resorting to online exam software eliminates the steps that are required to be adhered to while conducting an entrance exam. Online exam software aids the teachers with not only preparing question papers with any type of question that they wish to add and helps the administrative and examination department ensure integrity in the exam due to the proctoring feature and publishes a detailed result.

3. Aids in Declaring Comprehensive Results

Online exam software with its feature of declaring comprehensive results with the click of a mouse enables corporations, the exam conducting universities, coaching institutes to communicate the results much quicker and in a thorough manner.
Immediate availability of detailed results aids the students in understanding the area where they lacked and enables the exam conducting agency to analyze the results and declare the toppers.

4. Enables Teachers to Prepare the Question Paper Collaboratively

Online exam software can be accessed by anyone who has the login details of the same. Often in a physical exam, authoring exam questions together is a task which teachers cannot achieve, but this is possible. In contrast, teachers create question papers with software for online exams.

The clear workflows of review and approval by various other collaborators make it easy for even the examining body to manage all the tasks related to conducting and creating exams easily and efficiently. Coupled with this, after the approval of question banks, exam papers can be made easily by selecting the questions that exam conducting agencies/ corporations wish to add

5. Enables Universities to Assess Candidates with World Wide Reach

Online examination software results in a wider reach as even students living in different parts of the world and those who wish to give the paper can attempt it at the comfort of their home. The seamless integration and the salability of the online exam software ensure that the software doesn’t collapse while the innumerable students give paper simultaneously.

6. Increased Exam Credibility

Universities, corporations are often reluctant to conduct an exam virtually due to their apprehensions of students resorting to unfair means while attempting the exam. However, this possibility is ruled out due to the online proctoring software feature, ensuring exam integrity and increasing assessment credibility.

Software for online proctoring does not allow students to start the exam until the software itself is unsure of the test taker’s identity. Even during the mid of the exam, the proctor ensures that students do not cheat. In cases found using unfair means, the proctor firstly gives the test taker a warning. In the possibility they still resort to these acts, the proctor cancels their exam.

The Last Word

Online exam software in this CoVID era has acted as a boon for educational institutions, coaching institutes, and corporations who wish to assess the performance of their employees on a monthly basis. The innumerable advantages that this software can give to the users play a very crucial role. However, it’s only possible to take full advantage of something if the users buy the best product and the same goes with online exam software too.

To derive the best out of online examination software, educational institutes, corporations should opt for Pesofts Online Examination Software which not only has many advantages but is also available at cost-effective prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:What is the software for an online exam?

Answer 1: Pesofts software for online exams is fast and easy to use intuitive software. Coaching institutions, universities, as well as corporate, can easily build custom exams to start their testing today. They can freely set time limits, randomize questions as well as brand exams the way the universities want to. Software developed by the hard-working, experienced as well as a talented team of TrigrExam enables its users to create online tests that can be used globally for business, enterprise training tests, lead generation, online certification as well as E-learning.

Question 2: What Are The Benefits Of Online Exams With Pesofts?

Answer 2: To ensure a fruitful experience for all our users, we while developing our online exam software ensure that the agencies conducting all types of exams get the following benefits:

● Seamless Integration: The software should be capable of being deployed quickly on a single server without downloading any additional software or extensions.

● Effective Security Mechanism: The software should be equipped with a secure socket layer certificate to ensure the security of stored data. Further, it should also not allow unauthorized hackers to intrude into the privacy & leak data stored within the software.

● Capability to ensure that more users attend the test: Your software should be capable enough to handle a load of innumerable students at a particular point in time. It should have a group option to enable you to organize extensive scale tests without being worried about the app/ software being crashed.

● Feature to import bulk questions: The software should enable teachers to import bulk questions manually or automatically of any format ranging from MCQ’s to short answer type questions to long answer type questions. Further, the same should also be capable of randomly shuffling the questions in every question paper to prevent cheating.

● 24*7 Online Customer Support: Every software provider should have a customer support team that should be available for its customers 24*7 to resolve any query/ glitch faced by the software. Not only should this but the same be resolved in a time frame of a few hours to ensure resolution of doubts & easy conduction of exams.

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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